Quest of the Keys

Quest of the Keys book trailer by Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

“Quest of the Keys” by Scotty Sanders

“Quest of the Keys” by Scotty Sanders[/caption]“Quest of the Keys” is a fantasy fiction book by Scotty Sanders, which tells of the journey of Decklen, a young man who left home in disgrace only to narrowly escape slavery and death in the Minca Silver Mines. Sworn to return for those he left behind and joined by an unlikely sojourner, he sets out for the majestic realm of Leonesse. Before striking out on his new journey, Decklen receives assistance from the sage Octavius. But rather than swords and strategy, Decklen is presented a locked golden cylinder containing an ancient scroll. Tasked with opening the scroll, Decklen and his companion find themselves on an unexpected path of danger and discovery, in search of hidden keys that unlock the true secrets to success…and determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

Book trailer produced by Premier1 Studos
Producer: Cheryl Ariaz Wicker
Animation: Paul Eckhardt
Music: Daryl Wolgemuth
Creative Director: Kevin Lynam
Voice: Joel Weber

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